Why do I photograph model railways?

Often it’s to check my modelling. Defects we normally choose not to see are brutally obvious when frozen in a closeup. They can’t be ignored. But often I’m trying to capture something else, that essence of where we go to in our imaginations when we play. Perhaps a particular time or place, a mood, a memory.

I used to be a photographic snob. Now I’ve discovered the cameras in smartphones and tablets. Maybe I still can’t quite accept them as “serious” cameras, but their ridiculously short focal lengths and small physical size are liberating. I can get down there with the little people, see the world they see, and see it with enormous depth of field. And the image manipulation apps now available allow me to dismiss all those niggling little modelling details, and get to the core.

Most of these images use Paper Artist, although I’ve recently discovered Snapseed. Let me know what you think…

Click a cover image below to view the photo album.



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