Petition to Save the All Gauge Model Railway Club

After 35 years continuous community service at Carina, the All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc has been asked to leave our clubhouse by the Camp Hill Carina Welfare Association (Clem Jones Centre) before 31 December 2017. Our clubhouse is to be demolished to make way for a 14-place carpark.

The All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc will have to completely re-establish itself at its own cost.

We have been told that there will be no financial compensation to assist All Gauge in transitioning to a new home. Even if subsidised land is made available, we simply cannot afford to build a new clubhouse. Our club benefits members of all ages. It also provides not only recreation but support and an outlet for the aged and people with disabilities. Our community will be adversely affected.

All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc built its clubhouse, enhanced and extended its amenities, and for 30 years has been a popular and important community recreational facility. What we have built has actual value, and as it is to be demolished we should be properly compensated. We want to continue to hold Open Days and public events. We do not want this crisis to end our Club.

By submitting to this this petition you are showing your support of the All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc, and support our position that we are entitled to proper compensation to assist in our re-establishment at an equivalent facility.


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