Members’ Update June 2021

It has been some time since my last Members’ Update and there has been a lot going on for the Club in that time. So, I will just get straight into what is happening.

Update on the Club’s New Premises – Yeronga

At the last Members Meeting on 29 May 2021, Dennis reported that the work had started on the design and construction requirements following the signing of the contracts by the consortium developers and Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). EDQ has now confirmed timelines for the program of works. Unfortunately, the date for the completion the Community Centre (which includes our Club Rooms) has been extended to mid-2023.

Meetings with EDQ to work through design and construction issues for the Club’s requirements are expected to be held in the near future.

Temporary Accommodation for the Club at Yeerongpilly Green

You may recall that Dennis advised members at the Meeting of 29 May 2021, that EDQ had advised him that there was a possibility that there may be temporary accommodation available at Yeerongpilly Green for the Club’s use. The good news is that last week Dennis received confirmation that accommodation will be available for the Club for a period of six months with the likely possibility that this could be extended for extended in six monthly increments until the Club moves into its new club rooms at Yeronga.

Dennis, Anna and I attended at Yeerongpilly Green to have a look at the accommodation yesterday and were very impressed with the room available for us. It is roughly about the size of the room at the Carindale PCYC that we use for members meetings. It will be suitable for setting up Midlands Layout and the N Scale layout with room left for tables and chairs for social interaction for members.

The photo below shows the front of Yeerongpilly Green in Queens Way with the Club’s room being the whole of the area to the right of the side stairs. You can see a lift at these stairs for wheelchair access.


This is a significant step forward for the Club and will be a focal point for members for the foreseeable future. I would like to thank Dennis for his continued dedication and hard work on accommodation matters which has resulted in this breakthrough.

This is perhaps the biggest news of the year for the Club and it is certainly the best news we have had for some time. I will be providing further details concerning dates and organisational matters to members in the coming weeks. We will, of course, be calling for volunteers to assist with moving in the layouts and other Club furniture.

Brisbane Train Show

The Club attended and displayed Midlands at the annual AMRA (Queensland) Brisbane Model Train Show on 1 and 2 May 2021. It was a very successful event. I would like to thank all members and friends who assisted us in setting up, running, dismantling and transporting Midlands for this event.

Ninth Redlands Model Railway Show

At the recent Brisbane Model Train Show, I was approached by representatives of the Redlands Model Railway Group who asked if AGMRC would be interested in displaying Midlands at its Model Railway Show in Cleveland on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 August 2021. I advised the Redlands’ Secretary last week that our Club would be very happy to attend and display Midlands and I submitted the required Application form. I will advise you of further details in the coming weeks.

2021 Table Sales Events

I would like to thank Ron Parker and Alf Petralia (with special mention to helpers David Austin, Ted Waugh and Neil Bromley) for their sensational and enthusiastic organisational efforts in bringing together the 2 Table Sales events for 2021 which will be held at the Queensland Rifle Association (QRA) Restaurant, Belmont. The dates for the Table Sales are:

  • Sunday, 1 August 2021; and
  • Sunday, 28 November 2021.

You will be advised of further details about the first Table Sale in the coming days.

Please note we are watching the unfolding COVID situation in South East Queensland very closely. At this stage everything is proceeding – possibly subject to certain restrictions, however the dates remain some time away and we anticipate a positive outcome.

Contactless Payment for AGMRC

Following endorsement from members at the recent meeting, the Treasurer, Daphne Huang has purchased a terminal to enable the Club to accept cashless payments. This will enable the Club to accept credit and debit card payments for any monies to be paid to the Club. For example, credit and debit cards can be used to pay for annual membership fees or for the purchase of items like drinks and sausages at Club events such as Table Sales.

The terminal will have its first outing at the Table Sales event on 1 August.

Social Dinner – 14 August 2021

As discussed at the recent member meeting, a social dinner has been organised for 14 August 2021. It will be held in the function room of the Mt Gravatt Hotel which is where we held our Christmas party in December last year. The evening will commence at 6.30, with dinner being served at 7.00. Dennis has kindly offered to organise another “Trivia” quiz.

We need to know who will be attending this dinner so that we can lock in the booking and lock in the costs. It is envisaged that the meal will be similar to that provided to members at the Christmas party with a main meal and desert. The Club Secretary, Barry Chiswell, will be in contact with members shortly to lock in numbers and finalised details, including costs.

Members Meeting

The next Members Meeting will be held at the Carindale PCYC at 1.00pm on Saturday 17th July 2021. Barry will, as usual, be sending details of that meeting to you in due course.

There is a lot happening at the moment but I think that this brings you up to date with Club matters to this point. Take care of yourselves, be safe and see you at the next Members Meeting.

All the best.

John Bateman
All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc.

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