AGMRC 2021 Table Sales

When: Sunday 1st August and Sunday 28th November

Where: Queensland Rifle Association (QRA) Restaurant, 1485 Old Cleveland Rd, Belmont (click here for a map link). It’s covered, spacious and airy.

Parking: Lots of free Parking.

The Table Sales Team (Ron Parker, Alf Petralia, David Austin, Ted Waugh, Neil Bromley) met when we were advised that the PCYC is to operate as a gymnasium and no longer take bookings for large events.

The QRA Restaurant and the above two dates were selected based on:

  • Peter Doig’s QRA list of dates available.
  • Clubs who have publicly advised when they are holding events.
  • The 2021 School Holidays.
  • The 2021 Queensland Public Holidays. 

The AGMRC committee has approved these events.

The Table Sales Team decided to hold the two Sales well in the future, hoping that Covid will become less problematic and believing that it will be easier to simply cancel a planned event rather than urgently create one.

The bookings also include time on the Saturdays prior, for the Table Sales Team, the Club Committee and AGMRC members to set up the 60+ tables the Team now have on site.

Moving our tables from the PCYC to the QRA was quick and easy thanks to Ted Waugh (a recent new club member) who provided his vehicle, Neil Bromley (club member and a TableSaler) for helping load and unload and repairing our tables trolley and Alf, David, Peter Diog and Ron who helped with loading, moving, storing.

Thanks to the Table Salers and Friends of the All Gauge who have stayed in contact with us during the Covid months; patiently standing by for further info.  We know who you are.  Thanks.

The Table Sales Team will send our regular TableSalers emails in June inviting them to book their usual tables for August 1st.

Ron Parker – Phone:  0420597460 – Email:

Alf Petralia – Phone:  0406346266 – Email:

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