President’s Update to Members

The Committee met for the second time this year on 14 April 2020. This meeting was different to all previous Committee meetings as we all met online for the first time due to the social distancing requirements during these times of COVID 19. We met via Skype, which to the uninitiated is a teleconferencing service.

I intend to send this Member’s Update following each Committee meeting. My aim is to ensure that all members continue to be kept informed of what is going on in the Club, particularly at this time of social distancing which directly affects the usual social interaction between members. If any member has any comments or suggestions for any content in these Updates, please let me know.

The main issues that the Committee discussed last week are set out below.

New Constitution
The Secretary, Barry Chiswell, confirmed that he had lodged the amended Constitution, passed at the AGM on 29 February 2020, with the Office of Fair Trading for registration last month. Barry advised that the Office of Fair Trading confirmed in a letter dated 3 April 2020, that the amended Constitution has now been registered.

Dennis, the Vice-President, has uploaded the new amended Constitution to the Club’s website. If you require a copy of the document, you can download it here on Club’s website or request a copy from Barry.

Audit Report
As advised at the Member’s Meeting of 29 February 2020 the Treasurer, Daphne, was waiting on the finalisation of the Auditor’s Report. Daphne informed Committee members at the last Committee Meeting that she is now in receipt of that document from the Club’s Auditors. Barry will be providing all members with a copy of that report within the next few days and he will also be asking you to vote on the acceptance of the Audit Report. Once accepted, Daphne will be submitting it to the Office of Fair Trading as required under the legislation.

Next Members Meeting – 16 May 2020
As you may know, the next Members Meeting will take place on Saturday,16 May 2020 at the usual time of 1.00pm. As stated in the Members Update of 21 March 2020, due to the current social distancing requirements, we will not be able to meet in person at the Carindale PCYC as normal. The Vice-President, Dennis Remmer, is organising for all members to meet by means of a teleconference which means that you can call into the meeting by way of your telephone.

Dennis and Barry will be providing you with details of how this process will work in the coming days.

Club Accommodation – Yeronga Community Centre
Dennis indicated that Economic Development Queensland (who are responsible for building the Yeronga Community Centre) advised him by email on 14 April 2020 that the procurement process for the design and construction is still ongoing. Economic Development Queensland will advise details of the successful supplier in due course however, an announcement is not expected for a month or so. Dennis was assured that position of the Yeronga Community Centre and consequently this Club’s position has not changed. This was reassuring.

Club Newsletter
The Committee talked again about the possibility of creating a Club newsletter. The idea is to create a very simple newsletter of perhaps no more than a page. It will concentrate on issues and matters of interest to AGMRC members. In the last Member’s Update, members were asked for feedback regarding the idea of a newsletter and any ideas on content but to date, there has been no comment received.

One idea that came up from the Committee Meeting was to ask members to submit photo/s of their layout or models for publication in the newsletter. I would be grateful of your thoughts on that idea. Perhaps those submitting a photo could also provide a short commentary. Again, your thoughts on that would be welcome.

You could reply to

Vale Christine Rough
The Committee acknowledged the very sad news that Col Rough’s wife, Christine, passed away on 13 April. Christine had been diagnosed with cancer several months ago. The Committee, and I am sure all members of the Club, were deeply saddened by this news and offer Col and his family our sincerest condolences during these difficult days. Barry has sent a sympathy card on behalf of the Committee and all members to Col.

I should have mentioned in the previous Update about the election of the members of the Management Committee at the AGM on 29 February 2020. This was an oversight by me, and I apologise, particularly to those members who were unable to be present at that meeting. The following nominees were elected unopposed at the AGM:

  • President John Bateman
  • Vice President Dennis Remmer
  • Treasurer Daphne Huang
  • Secretary Barry Chiswell

At the Members Meeting that followed the AGM, Alf Petralia was appointed by the meeting to the position of Committee Member.

I would like to personally thank all the members of the 2019 Management Committee. It was a particularly challenging year for the Club with all members contributing significantly to the progress of the Club. Of course, I have to thank all members of the Club for their contributions over the past 12 months and particularly to those who were always there to lend a hand at Club events like table sales and layout exhibitions. The Club owes you a great debt.

I would also like to thank the outgoing Committee Members, John Pollard and Samuel Pollard. John’s passion for the Club is well known. His commitment to seeking out potential sites for the Club and submitting numerous proposals with the property owners for potential sites has been appreciated by all. It was fantastic having Samuel on the Committee as his views and fresh ideas, particularly from a young person’s perspective, were always welcome. His contributions, particularly in sorting out the new Club logo were very welcome and appreciated by the entire Committee. John’s and Samuel’s preparation and delivery of the Trivia at the Christmas Party was the highlight of the night.

That’s about it for now. Take care of yourselves and be safe.

All the best,
John Bateman
AGMRC President

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