President’s Report – December 2018

The traditional All Gauge Christmas Party, as usual, wrapped up the meeting year for 2018. Some 30+ attendees made it great night, capped by spectacular desserts. Once again we thank our Patron, Ryan Murphy, for his supporting grant through the Brisbane City Council.

Without a clubhouse, it might have been expected that 2018 would have been a difficult, and perhaps a disappointing year. This has not been the case. Dedicated membership has been retained, and enthusiastic support for all Club activities has been much in evidence.

The Carina PCYC has been our home away from home for the year, and is set to remain so until we achieve our dream of a clubhouse. We owe a great debt of gratitude to David Beard of the PCYC for his friendly and welcoming attitude towards us.

Hopefully the clubhouse dream may not be only that, as through the great work done by Dennis Remmer, the possibility of the Club being re-sited to the new State Government development at the old Yeronga TAFE premises is looking extremely promising. 2020-21 could be very good years for us.

During this year, while we have been without our clubhouse, members have still been able to run their trains at the homes of various members. Small groups have met regularly, and certain members have made the homes available for running to all members at certain advertised times.

A Happy Christmas, and a great New Year to all our model railway operators and friends.

Barry Chiswell; President AGMRC.


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