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Important Note

Due to ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, and the associated State & Federal Government laws, health directives and recommendations, all events scheduled on the All Gauge calendar for 2021 are subject to late change or cancellation; and in particular our public events such as table sales, train shows, and open days.

Any such notifications will appear here and on our Facebook page, as well as being sent to our members. If you have enquiries regarding All Gauge please use these contact details and contact form.

Members’ Update – 25 January 2021

Hello fellow AGMRC members,

Well, here we are, almost at the end of the first month of 2021.  Happy new year to all of you.  Last year seemed like a bit of a wild ride but let’s hope 2021 will be a big improvement.  The Committee is hoping that 2021 will enable us to get back to our normal schedule with table sales, train shows and Club events planned throughout the year.  Dates for these events are being finalised.  I will let you know as soon as I have confirmation of these dates.

The current Committee had its last meeting last week on Wednesday, 20 January and we discussed a number of matters concerning the Club and its activities for the coming year.  I have provide you with details of the matters discussed as well as some news updates below for your information:

Update on Yeronga Priority Development Area – Club’s New Premises

With the Christmas holidays only now coming to an end this week, there has not been much happening with respect to the development of the new Yeronga Community Centre.  The Vice President, Dennis Remmer, expects planning meetings to commence in the next couple of weeks and we will be able to give you an update at the AGM and Members Meetings on 27 February 2021.

2021 AGM and Members Meeting

As noted above the annual AGM and Members Meeting will take place on Saturday, 27 February 2021 commencing at 1.00pm.  As usual it will be held at the Carindale PCYC and these meetings will continue to be held there at least for 2021. 

You will be receiving a Notice of 2021 AGM and Agenda and associated documents from the Secretary, Barry Chiswell over the next few days. 

You will be aware that one of the main formalities of the AGM is the election of the Management Committee members.  Any two members of the Club may nominate any other member to serve as an officer of the Management Committee.  I would encourage all members to consider taking on a role in the Committee to assist in and contribute to the advancement of the Club in what looks like being a significant year in the Club’s history with the move to new Club premises in late 2021 or early 2022.  Our current Secretary, Barry Chiswell and Treasurer, Daphne Huang have advised that they will not be standing for office in 2021.  The positions of Secretary and Treasurer are critical for the running of the Club and if any members are thinking of taking on these roles, it is important to have themselves nominated.  The Notice of 2021 AGM will provide details of the nomination process and attach a Nomination Form.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Barry and Daphne for all their hard work and dedication to the Club over the past four years or so.  It has been a pleasure working with them over the years.

New Venue for Table Sales and Train Shows

As advised at the last Members Meeting in November, the Carindale PCYC will be undergoing some development during 2021.  The consequence of this is that the Club’s use of the main hall at that facility to host its Table Sales and other significant events cannot be guaranteed in 2021 or into the future.  I have discussed this with Sgt David Beard, Branch Manager, PCYC Carindale and we have both agreed that for the sake of continuity and certainty, that it would be in the Club’s interest to seek an alternative venue for these events. 

I would like to thank David for his strong support for the Club since our move there in early 2017.  Without his help and that of his team, the Club would not be in the good shape it is now.  His help and assistance over the years has been appreciated by the Committee and members more than we could ever adequately express. 

While the Club will continue to use the facilities at the PCYC for all our meetings, at least for 2021, all table sales and train shows will be move to the QRA Cafe, Bar and Function Centre at Belmont.  I would like to thank Ron Parker and Alf Petralia for their efforts in securing this site for these events. 

Annual Club Awards

We had the return of the annual Club awards at the Christmas Party held in early December last year.  This appeared to have been welcomed enthusiastically by members and guests on the evening.  The recipients of the awards on the night were:

Member of the Year 2019Ron Parkerfor all the work he has put into the organisation of the Table Sales and the success of those events for the Club.
Member of the Year 2020David Austinfor his consistent and ongoing contributions to Club activities, most of which are conducted in the background and have not been recognised, at least until now.
Modeller of the Year 2019Graham Sheehanfor his dedication to the ongoing work on Midlands Layout which is enjoyed by all members.
Modeller of the Year 2020Graeme Rossfor his constant support of N gauge modelling and in recognition of his significant modelling skills.

Planning for New Club Layouts

As you know, we are very hopeful that by the end of 2021, we will have Club rooms at the new Yeronga Community Centre.  While in the short term we can move the current Club layouts into this facility, the longer term plan is to construct a new layout that will cater for members into the future.  It is an opportunity for members to think about what they would like to see in a new layout and to contribute, in the first instance, to the planning of the layout and later to contributing to its construction.  These matters will be discussed with members at the first Members Meeting on 27 February 2021.

This is an opportunity for the Club to develop a vision for a layout that takes advantage of new technologies and construction techniques that will not only service the members of today but also the members of the future.  To my mind, the age old rivalry between DC and DCC will need to be put aside for this layout.  There is no reason why we cannot have a layout that caters for both methods of operation.  The focus needs to be on the big picture and the future.

Well, that’s about it for now.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the AGM and Members’ Meeting next month.  Please consider nominating for any of the positions on the Committee.  Take care of yourselves, be safe and see you soon. 

John Bateman
All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc.

Members’ Update – 16 November 2020

Hello fellow AGMRC members,

Despite COVID-19 and all the craziness that has been 2020, the year has flown by and here we are looking at Christmas in about 6 weeks. It has been an unusual year for the Club as all our regular activities, like table sales, train shows/open days and even the Brisbane Model Train Show were cancelled due to the pandemic. We even held a Member’s Meeting for the first time as a ‘virtual meeting’ as members sampled the delights on Zoom.

With COVID-19 restrictions being further eased, we have two final Club events planned to bring us to the end of the year. The first event is our final Members Meeting for 2020 to be held at the Carindale PCYC on Saturday 21 November 2020 and the annual Christmas party to be held on 4 December 2020 at the Mt Gravatt Hotel. Details of these events are set out below.

To keep you informed about Club events and matters affecting the Club and members I have provided the following updates for your information:

Update on Yeronga Priority Development Area – Club’s New Premises

With the Queensland Government going to the election last week-end and being in caretaker mode for a numbers of weeks prior to that, there has not been much news on the development of the new Yeronga Community Centre and our new Club premises. The Vice President, Dennis Remmer has been keeping an eye on developments and has reported that there are some new hoardings along the fence line at the development site as the photos below show.

Yeronga Site

Dennis made the comment that he does not believe that the artist’s impression of the building on the banners reflect the actual final development as no plans have been distributed for comment and review by the proposed tenants. In any event, things are progressing, albeit more slowly than members would have liked. Dennis is continuing to monitor the developments and is expecting to attend meetings with the representatives from Yeronga Community Centre and Economic Development Queensland in the near future.

Running Sessions at Members Homes

David Austin kindly recommenced the running of trains at his place on Saturday 7th November. Running on the N gauge layout has not yet recommenced.

Final Members Meeting for 2020

The last Members Meeting for 2020 will take place next weekend on Saturday, 21st November at the PCYC Carindale at 1.00pm.

The Secretary, Barry Chiswell sent members the notice of this meeting on 7 November 2020 and attached copies of the Agenda, Minutes of the Meeting of 26 September 2020 and details of the proposed dates for Members Meetings next year. Please let Barry or I know if you did not receive this email and/or attachments.

2021 Club Calendar

The Treasurer, Daphne Huang has engaged a printer to produce the Club Calendar for next year. It is hoped that copies will be available for distribution to members at the Christmas party. Should you require extra copies for friends of family they will be available for purchase at the Christmas party. The cost for extra copies will be $10.00. This can be paid to Daphne on the night or by way of direct deposit, the details of which are set out below at the end of the details on the Christmas party. Please make sure that if you do make a direct deposit, that you reference that the payment is the calendar and include your surname.

2020 Christmas Function

The annual Christmas party has been organised for 4 December 2020. In keeping with a great precedent set by John Pollard last year, Dennis will be putting together another trivia game that will be played during the event. The Committee has also resolved to resurrect the annual members awards which have not been used since we lost out former Club House in 2017. The details of the Christmas function were sent to all members by email this week.

The Treasurer, Daphne Huang will be collecting monies from members at the Members Meeting next Saturday (21 November) and you will be able to deposit direct to the Club’s bank account which is preferred. The details of the account were provided in the most recent email to members. N.B. Please ensure that you reference that the payment is the Christmas party and include your surname.

Well, that’s about it for now. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the Members’ Meeting next week and again at the Christmas event. Take care of yourselves, be safe and see you soon.

All the best.

John Bateman
All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc.


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