The All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc has introduced two initiatives to improve the enjoyment of running your trains at your club.

Firstly, Amp meters have been installed on the Inner and Outer lines of the HO/OO layout upstairs for members to keep track of the amperage their locos draw. This will allow you to make sure your locos draw less than 2 Amps on each controller as this is the maximum the controllers can deliver without causing overheating and damage to the controller units – such as happened recently when one had to be replaced and sent to be repaired.

Single locos should draw between 200 to 350 milliamps with normal running while some Athern models may draw significantly more. Some members have run large double-headed 6 wheel bogie pickup/drive diesels, and maybe another train at the same time on the same line. This is only OK if the total amperage drawn is less than 2 Amps.

The meters are scaled as 5 Amp meters where each amp scales in 10 indications to the amp. Therefore, each one 10th of an amp is 100 milliamps as there are 1000 milliamps to the single amp. So the average unit should indicate around 3 & one half on the scale when running “imperial” as indicated on the controllers. If you run the opposite way, as in the “USA” and wherever else they run on the right side of a pair of rails, the meters will register a negative reading. This is not an issue for the meter but if you think you might be overloading the controller, reverse your loco slowly and you should get a positive reading which will represent 80/90% of the negative reading which is occurring with normal running in a “USA” situation.

The Watts your unit is using may come up. This is the power (EMF) your unit/s are using and this is calculated simply as Voltage times Amperage = Watts. So, if you are drawing 350 milliamps and the controller is on 10 Volts, you are using 3.5 Watts to drive your unit/s.

Not all members are on the Google email system and every member won’t see this notice so please make this a topic of conversation at the club and upstairs while running your trains.

Secondly, three of the electric points in the Engine Yard have been brought back to life. It is now possible to run your trains through the Engine Yard’s reverse polarity loop more easily by using the now-electrified points. It is no longer necessary to walk around the yard, to hand-change the points near the time board.

Mid April, our membership is: Life 4 – Ordinary 38 – Honorary 1 – Associate 3 – Families 6. We welcomed recent new member Daphne Huang. Jason Somerville has made application to join as a Family Member with his partner Stephanie Surawski. Jason and Stephanie have already attended the club several times and Membership Officer Rod Travis will recommend their acceptance to members at the next Members Meeting.

Last, but by no means least: AMRA asked AGMRC to assist with security at their Brisbane Model Train Show in May. We were pleased to accept and a roster of volunteer members has been drawn up to work over the two days. They will wear their AGMRC shirts and/or member badges. One of the rewards for helping is placing our flyer promoting our July train show and November open weekend in the 3,000 AMRA show bags. These show bags are a replacement for their show programs of past years.


Dennis Remmer, creator of the AGMRC website, has just added 30 more layout photos to the club site. They were all taken by AGMRC N-Gauge member, Daphne Huang. Click the menu above on “Gallery > General Club Photos” to see her latest.

Daphne currently runs trains upstairs on the N scale layout … and will also have the opportunity to do so, along with other members, on the new N scale takeaway layout that Nick Sayer and John Cantrell are currently building downstairs.


A large group of All Gauge members and associates were part of more than 150 family and friends who attended a colourful, lovely Ceremony to mark the passing of one of our Life Members, Joe Parnis this week.
It was a sad event of course but there were also some bright and happy moments in the Eulogy delivered by one of his long-term friends, Geoff Horne.
And they were typical of many humorous day-to-day things members will always remember about Joe from times sitting around the table at morning tea at the club house and standing beside him upstairs running trains, over the years.

Following are parts of Geoff’s Eulogy …

It’s a great honour to be asked to give the Eulogy for my friend Joe Parnis, thank you Dianne for the opportunity.

I first met Joe some 25 years ago at Archerfield when we were looking at a business venture together. We were both private pilots, we loved classic cars, trains (model and real) and boats. As far as boats were concerned the bigger the better.

Joseph John Parnis was born in Malta on the September 7, 1949. In 1954 Joe with his mum and dad, his younger brother Victor, and sister Paulina set sail for a new life in Australia when he was just 5 years old.

Interestingly, their family’s arrival in Fremantle WA is recorded on the Welcome Wall of the WA Museum. On arrival in Queensland the family was temporality accommodated at Wacol’s migrant camp and later settled at Narella Street, Cannon Hill.

Joe left high school at year 10 to further his studies in Electronics and graduated as an Electronic Technician, specialising in Radio and Television repairs. After leaving high school and while studying he was also the lead guitarist in a rock band! I never heard him play but I’m sure he was great at it; he never did things by half.

Joe’s working career was interesting. When researching and listening to others who knew about this aspect of his life I felt a strong affinity with him as he tried so hard over the years to find the right path for his career. Joe was always on the lookout for ways to improve himself.

Joe married Kath Nightingale in 1971 and they have two adult children Michael born in 1973 and Michelle in 1975. Joe and Kath have two grandchildren Mitchell and Holly who were very special to Joe.

In 1976 the family moved to Manly. Joe’s affinity with all things marine caused them to purchase a beautiful home overlooking the harbour so Joe could check on his boat moored there.

In 1987 Joe and Kath separated and later divorced.

In 1992 Joe met Diane Wait and they married in 1993. Joe and Di made a dapper couple who enjoyed and made the most of their life together. Diane was indeed the love of Joe’s life.

They loved to take their classic cars out for a run spending as much time as they could around all things marine where they breakfasted regularly and checked out the boats in the harbour.

In closing this eulogy I want to share with you a significant event that happened two days before Joe died:

• Diane, Wendy and I were in Joe’s hospital room and Wendy and I were just about to leave. I so wanted to talk to and pray for Joe before we left but was not able to do so due to him going in and out of consciousness. I was so disappointed. I was sharing this with Di when I said to this effect “This is Joe’s last chance to re-commit his life to the Lord and we had missed it.” Joe, then hearing the words LAST CHANCE called out LAST CHANCE!!!!

We were shocked by this because we thought he couldn’t hear us talking.

We all moved to his bedside and I asked him if he wanted to re-commit his life to the Lord. At this stage I was overwhelmed by the moment and Wendy asked him to squeeze her hand if he wanted to. He squeezed her hand so hard that it hurt!

We then prayed for him and committed him to the Lord.

Wendy and I have lost a great friend far too early. Thank you Joe for being part of our lives.


DITTO from the train club mate, DITTO!

Club Honoured by Patron in its 40th Year


At the recent AGM (held 13th March 2015 – our 40th!) our club was honoured by its patron Ryan Murphy, Councillor for Doboy Ward, Brisbane City Council. AGMRC Club President Ron Parker was presented with the official Brisbane City Flag. On behalf of all Members, thank you to Councillor Murphy, and here’s to another 40 great years!

Only two more Table Sales THIS YEAR

Our next Table Sale is … SUNDAY JUNE 28th …

Then … Sunday September 20.

Tables full of model trains, books, paraphernalia …

Rent a table for $20, half table $10.

Phone Ron Parker (0420597460) to book your table.

Sellers should arrive at 10am.

Buyers admitted free at 11am.

Come for Breakfast … Sausage Sizzle starts at 10am.

All Gauge Model Railway Club Inc. Zahel Street, Carina.

Part of the Clem Jones Sports Centre.

In the swimming pool car park at the Adelaide Street end of Zahel Street.

Non-member buyers, sellers and the curious welcome.

Brunel’s Britain: Kingdom come, from east to west …

Hi All,
This article was in the travel section of the U.K’s “The Independent” Newspaper last year.
I hope you can open, read and enjoy it.
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The History of the All Gauge Model Railway Club

“Some of the founding and future members of AGMRC were model railway enthusiasts, members of other hobby groups and model railway clubs, long before the nucleus of All Gauge was formed in 1973 ….”

The author of our history is Peter Lamb, a long-term AGMRC member who first joined in 1978. Much of this history is from his first-hand memories and experiences from before, during and returning to the club.

Click on About Us at the top of this page then click on History of the All Gauge Model Railway Club to enjoy the first episode.