September to November Clubhouse Events

Friday 19th September. Modelling Workshop
7 pm. Various brands of couplings: adapting, modifying and associated costs; what’s suitable, best for you.
Workshop tips, what spare parts are available and where to buy them.

Saturday 20th September. Saturday Encore
10am.A repeat of last night’s workshop.
For reservations, information for both days phone Peter Lamb on 0408151516.
Non members welcome both days. Gold coin entry.

Friday 10th October. Modelling Workshop
7pm. Collecting: Show and Tell. Now this is interesting! See members pride and joy.

Collecting tips, buying, models and their value.

Saturday 11th October. Saturday Encore
10am.A repeat of last night’s workshop.
For reservations, information for both days phone Peter Lamb on 0408151516.

Non members welcome both days. Gold coin entry.

Sunday 12th October. Clubhouse Table Sale. Note new times
Train Models, Magazines, Paraphernalia. Non-member buyers, sellers and the curious are welcome.

Rent a table for $20, half table $10. Phone Ron Parker (0420597460) to book a table.
NOTE NEW TIMES. Sellers must arrive at 10am. Buyers admitted at 11am.

Don’t eat at home, come for our Big Breakfast Sizzle from 10am.

Friday 17th October Clubhouse Ordinary General Meeting
7.30 pm. Only financial members can attend, vote and speak to matters.

Members may run trains before and after the meeting but must stop and attend while meeting is in progress.

Friday 31st October.Clubhouse Fifth Friday Night Dinner
7pm. Two course menu. Adults $5, children $2.50. Financial members, families only.

Phone Andrew (0417627958) to make a reservation or put your name, etc on clubhouse whiteboard.

Members may run their trains before and after dinner.

Sunday 9th November. Clubhouse T-TRAK Running Day

See AGMRC members and visitors from other clubs run trains on this International format.

Non-member T-Trakers are invited to bring their modules and/or trains but phone Jeff Rosenberg (33728246) first.

Set-up is from 10am. The public, the curious and potential new members welcome 12 noon to 3pm.

Admission: $2. Come for our Big Breakfast Sizzle at 10am.

Friday14th November. Modelling Workshop
7 pm. Operating a Card and Order system: a hands-on waybill concept of model railway operation.

Saturday 15th November. Saturday Encore 10am.A repeat of last night’s workshop.
For reservations, information for both days phone Peter Lamb on 0408151516.
Non members welcome both days. Gold coin entry. Friday 28th November. Members setup for our Clubhouse Public Weekend
7 pm. Members please check, clean and prepare layouts and nominate on the clubhouse whiteboard days and times you will be running your trains.

Saturday 29th November, Sunday 30th November.
Model Train Exhibition in our Two Storey Clubhouse Clubhouse
9am to 4pm both days. The public, the curious and potential new members are welcome.

This year we are featuring seven layouts. Two large permanent layouts upstairs and five portable layouts downstairs, including our DCC OO gauge UK located “Bodmin Road”; an N scale American layout; our N scale T-TRAK International modular concept; “Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends”.
Also on show for the first time will be our all-new HO/OO portable layout (currently a work in progress) that we will take to other clubs’ train shows next year.

Members will run their trains on all layouts; others will be offering a hot and cold food and drinks menu all day starting with a breakfast of Egg and Bacon Burgers and choices.

Admission: Families $10 (2 adults and 3 children), Adults $5, Aged Pension Card holders (only) $2, Children (under 12) $2.

Our latest Newsletter

This second quarter of the year issue of the newsletter is both a little late and includes the extra month of July which the members used to cope with changes to events, club routine and future plans etc. The committee, elected last March, began by making changes.
Firstly, the once popular Friday night Buy & Sell events were discontinued due to ever decreasing patronage and viability.
Table Sales on Sunday mornings now replace them due to their popularity and success. Starting times for these are changing with the November sale; setup time is now 10am and the sales will begin at 11am.
Secondly was the re-introduction of Model Railway Workshops. Although this time around there are more subjects covered and on a more regular schedule. Details for the September, October and November workshops are further down in this column.
The committee is continuing to perform well even though temporarily short handed. The absence of Peter Douglas (holidays) and Jeff Rosenberg (injured) was not a problem for long. The Club needs to elect a new Secretary. Nominations will be called soon.
As stated below the HO/OO Bodmin Road layout has been approved to have DCC Control added. This will not supersede the already successful operation of analogue. Details have yet to be finalised, but there seems to be no reason why both systems cannot complement each other if used responsibly. Andrew Krarup is organising this work to be done along with some much-needed lighting improvements upstairs.
Quality work on the big N Scale layout on the top floor continues. The good thing is that all this work while being carried out, hasn’t stopped members being able to operate it at any time. Don’t forget you can come in Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm and Thursdays and Fridays from 7pm to 9pm to run your trains, including N gauge.
The T-Trak has come under discussion; the committee has suggested that a couple of the T-Trak modules that are not in harmony with other models be left out or modified.
Perusing the Nuremburg Toy Fair reports it appears that our Hobby is bigger than ever. There are more small firms from most European countries with all or most having their items manufactured in China. So much so that the traditional established firms are feeling the pinch. The well-known firm of Vollmer, manufacturer of Continental Model Railway kits, bridges, houses etc. has closed down.
If you know of a member who is not getting our weekly AGMRC emails ask them to email John Currie their full details. They can contact John on johncurrie123.

The AGMRC members welcomed new members Cecil Rauschenbach, Derek Williams, Lou Mullen, Peter Hannah, the Slade family, the Omansky family, Phillip Seager and the re-enrolment of Rob Vidovic who comes along with his nephews.
Some members have had little or no club activities in the past months; Joe Parnis, Graham Drew (both serious illness), Jeff Rosenberg (accident). We wish them well and hope for a speedy recovery.
A very busy month for our club. Easter and ANZAC holidays crowded the work schedule. Work was done rejuvenating the scenery on Bodmin layout and T-Trak in readiness for the May AMRA Show. This used a lot of manpower. In fact a lot of club days were working bees. April 27. A successful Club Table Sale with BBQ. Andrew Krarup increasing the variety and quality of food available.
The AMRA Train Show was again staged at the Doomben Racecourse. Bodmin Road was very popular with the crowd and also AMRA itself. No doubt the extra work on the layout paid dividends in popularity.
May 10. Club Day with a difference. A cooked breakfast to start the day by Andrew followed by our first workshop for 2014, a “Hands On” demo of Baseboards, Layouts and Tracklaying conducted by Peter Lamb, Peter Douglas using TV, diagrams and other props. John Pollard and son Simon gave good demo of track laying using Peco flexible track. They helped destroy the myth of not being able to use flex track of radius less than 21 inches (530mm) using track templates. Well done guys.
May 17. Some members attended Brendale Model Rail Club’s table sale.
May 30. The Club Family Dinner was, by all accounts, both a nice meal and an enjoyable evening. Andrew Krarup, with some members helping, played chef and host.
May 31, June 1. Toowoomba Model Train Show. Both N Gauge and T Trak had been booked and the loaded club trailer was to be towed by Jeff Rosenberg. Due to Jeff’s accident (broken foot) this was a non-event even though Jim Forrest tried to rally some help at the last minute to at least make an appearance at Toowoomba. The ex-president’s efforts were in vain.
This month was quite cold and some club days were down on attendance. Club activities fairly low key. Bob McCabe made up a couple of new tables of smaller dimensions to suit the front door entry and upstairs layout operating area.
June 8. British Modellers were to visit our club house but due to other commitments cancelled at the last moment. This caused a little inconvenience due to preparation of morning tea etc. However a future invitation at a suitable date is still to be decided.
June 27, 28. The club workshops on signalling were keenly received on both days due to the combined efforts of John Currie (History), Peter Douglas (USB, diagrams and data), and Peter Lamb.
This month our DCC layout ‘Rapid Plains’ (the club’s mainstay and veteran of many Model Railway Shows) was sold to former club member Noel Stienke. Bodmin Road, our current exhibition layout will be converted to DCC operation by club member, Neville Fischer within the next few weeks and then used in-house only. Most of July was taken up with preparing for our annual Model Railway Show on July 26, 27. Before this event another Club workshop and Table Sale took place and so made for a very busy month.
July 18, 19. The Club Workshop on Scales and Gauges was strongly supported with models, talks and demonstrations … Don Rennie supplied some excellent O Gauge models … John Currie demonstrated and exhibited his hand-made Narrow Gauge models … Russell Lamb showed a demo of HO & TT Gauge items.
July 20. Club Table Sale. By all accounts one of our most popular and prosperous yet. A joint effort by the Club Committee … extra help with Don Rennie buying more tables for use at the heavily booked event and selling raffle tickets on the day … Andrew Krarup with his usual top-quality catering … and Ron Parker who arranged the publicity, printing and table allocation, making it a smooth and successful day.
Peter Lamb.

The History of the All Gauge Model Railway Club

“Some of the founding and future members of AGMRC were model railway enthusiasts, members of other hobby groups and model railway clubs, long before the nucleus of All Gauge was formed in 1973 ….”

The author of our history is Peter Lamb, a long-term AGMRC member who first joined in 1978. Much of this history is from his first-hand memories and experiences from before, during and returning to the club.

Click on About Us at the top of this page then click on History of the All Gauge Model Railway Club to enjoy the first episode.

Our 2014 Train Show Final Report

The venue used this year (July 26, 27) was again the Carina Bowls Club part of the Clem Jones Sports Centre.
Myself (Andrew Krarup) and Peter Ball managed the Co-ordination roles.

All Gauge Model Railway personnel on hand for the 2 days:
Show Co-ordinators: Peter Ball, President – Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Andrew Krarup, Treasurer – Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Don Rennie – Sunday. Jeff Wilde, Door Sales – Sat – Sun
Set-up: Alf Petralia, Door Sales – Saturday.
Set-up, Pick-up: Dave Austin, Door Sales – Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Bob McCabe, Set-up, Pick-up – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Road Signs, Show Programme: Ron Parker – pulled together our Show programme at the last minute and placed our Road Signs – Saturday, Sunday.

Thanks guys, we know who you are.

Peter and I would also like to personally acknowledge our generous sponsors (and their always helpful staff) including Brisbane Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk: Lord Mayor Suburban Initiative Fund; Our club patron Councillor Ryan Murphy (Doboy): Lord Mayor Suburban Initiative Fund; Steve Minnikin MP (Chatsworth); The Clem Jones Sports Club; The Carina Bowls Club; The Carina Leagues Club; Camp/Hill Carina Welfare Association and the Australian Railway Historical Society.

And remember everyone, Austral Model Craft, HobbyOne and Railco-Sandgate are your club’s preferred suppliers because they always help us in many ways. Please mention that you saw their adverts in this year’s Train Show program when you visit their shops.

Overall a very good Show. Thanks to all involved. 2015 looks to be an even better opportunity provided the venue can be found.

Yours sincerely, Andrew Krarup.

2014 Modelling Workshops

Friday 19th September. 7pm. Various couplings: Adapting, modifying and associated costs; what’s suitable, best for you. Workshop tips, spare parts and replacements that are available and what to buy.
Saturday 20th September. 10am. Encore!: A repeat of last night’s workshop.

Friday 10th October. 7pm. Collecting: Show and Tell. Collecting tips, buying and selling, models and their value.
Saturday 11th October. 10am . Encore!: A repeat of last night’s workshop.

Friday 14th November. 7pm.Operating a Card and Order system: A hands-on way bill concept of model railway operation.
Saturday 15th November. 10am. Encore!: A repeat of last night’s workshop.

All Gauge Model Railway Club, Inc, Zahel Street, Carina, part of the Clem Jones Sports Centre. Behind the swimming pool at the Adelaide Street end of Zahel Street

High praise for Bodmin Road at AMRA Train Show

All Gauge Model Railroad Club ( Our 40th Year). The Brisbane Train Show 3rd and 4th of May 2014.
This year All Gauge entered 3 Layouts, T-Trak, Endeavour Rail and Bodmin Road.

What can I say, our Club had an outstanding Show.

Bodmin Road received widespread acclaim from members of the public and other Model Train Club members due to its realistic presentation . Full credit goes to Andrew Kreraup and the work he did on the layout before the Show, applying professional weathering techniques coupled with a full refit of the Layouts general presentation, this included more than 200 1/76 scale trees . Bodmin Road was the talk of the show , it looked so life like . It was even heard by several of our Club members that other Model Train Clubs have said that All Gauge has now set the standard of Show Layout presentation .
This was evidenced by the Layouts reception by the General Public along with the many verbal and written comments All Gauge has received . Bodmin Road was the most photographed layout of the show.

Both T-Trak and Endeavour Rail were also well received by the Public .

The Brisbane Train Show has been a shot in the arm for our Club , with development work now well underway for our new OO layout along with several approaches from Club Members for further refit work for T-Trak and a firm proposal for a new N Scale Show Layout .

But all this does not happen by itself , and heartfelt thinks go to those Club Members who came and assisted with the layouts setup on the Friday night, those members who came and manned the layouts for both Saturday and Sunday with their own rolling stock to keep the layouts operational and to those members who came in Sunday evening and again donated their time to disassemble the Layouts for their return to the Club House.

The general comment from our Members was this year’s Train Show for All Gauge was the best yet
Kind regards to all
Peter Ball

Lots more trains coming this year…

T-TRAK RUNNING DAY at our clubhouse Sunday, 9th November
Non-member T-Trakers are invited to bring and operate their layouts
Phone Jeff Rosenberg on 0481482151 for information
Public welcome from 12 noon to 3pm. Admission by Gold Coin donation

PUBLIC WEEK-END at our clubhouse Sat 29th, Sun 30th November
Two storeys full of Model Trains, open to the public
Watch members running their trains (and Thomas!) 9am to 4pm
Adults $5, Family $10, Children (under 12) and Pension Cards (only) $2