This month’s Workshop …

Scales and Gauges are the subjects of this month’s All Gauge Model Railway Club’s workshop.

As well as talking about and showing samples of the various sizes of models on our big screen, subjects will also include compatibility and modifications to locomotives and rolling stock and we will be demonstrating layout clearances and loading gauges.

It’s going to be an action-packed two hours and you are welcome to bring your own scratch built or modified models along for us all to see.

It begins at 7pm on Friday July 18th and will be repeated the next morning at 10am.

As always … non members are welcome; tea, coffee and biscuits will be served; admission is by gold coin … and info on the remainder of 2014’s Workshops is lower down in this column … so tell your friends!

Remember, the printed subject information and diagram sheets, etc are for workshop attendees only. Last month’s sheets, which went astray, will also be available.

Peter Lamb.
Phone me on 0408151516 for information.

July 2014 Special Events

Friday 18th July. Modelling Workshop
7 pm. Scales and Gauges: which one is right for you? How to best utilize the space or room you have.

Saturday 19th July. Saturday Encore
10am. A repeat of last night’s workshop.
Reservations, information: phone Peter Lamb 0408151516.
Non members welcome Friday and Saturday. Gold coin donation.

Sunday 20th July. Clubhouse Table Sale
Train Models, Magazines, Paraphernalia.
Non-member buyers, sellers and the curious are welcome.
Rent a table for $20, half table $10. Phone Ron Parker 0420597460 to book a table.
Sellers must arrive at 11am. Buyers admitted (free) at 12 noon.
Don’t eat at home, come for our Big Breakfast Sizzle from 10am.

Friday 25th July. Exhibitors setup for our Model Train Show at Carina Bowls Club
10am to 8pm: Setup at Carina Bowls Club. AGMRC members on site.
Note: CBC clubrooms not available for setup before 10am. Bar is open.
Expressions of interest invited from non-members to exhibit their private layouts. Phone Peter Ball 39010261 or Andrew Krarup 0417627958.

Saturday 26th July >> Sunday 27th July. Carina Bowls Club. Our Annual Model Train Show Weekend
9am to 4pm both days. Each year we invite non-members to bring and operate their layouts.
It’s everyone’s opportunity to see private home layouts not usually seen on show.
The public and the curious are welcome, at the Carina Bowls Club.
Admission: Adults $5, Family $10, Pension Card holders (only) $2. Children (under 12) $2. Bar open and food available.

2014 Modelling Workshops

Friday 18th July. 7pm. Scales and Gauges: Which one is right for you? How to best utilize the space or room you have.
Saturday 19th July. 10am. Encore!: A repeat of last night’s workshop.

Friday 8th August. 7pm. Modelling in cardboard: Where to find on line; printing out; assembling buildings for layouts.
Saturday 9th August. 10am. Encore!: A repeat of last night’s workshop.

Friday 19th September. 7pm. Various couplings: Adapting, modifying and associated costs; what’s suitable, best for you. Workshop tips, spare parts and replacements that are available and what to buy.
Saturday 20th September. 10am. Encore!: A repeat of last night’s workshop.

Friday 10th October. 7pm. Collecting: Show and Tell. Collecting tips, buying and selling, models and their value.
Saturday 11th October. 10am . Encore!: A repeat of last night’s workshop.

Friday 14th November. 7pm.Operating a Card and Order system: A hands-on way bill concept of model railway operation.
Saturday 15th November. 10am. Encore!: A repeat of last night’s workshop.

All Gauge Model Railway Club, Inc, Zahel Street, Carina, part of the Clem Jones Sports Centre. Behind the swimming pool at the Adelaide Street end of Zahel Street

High praise for Bodmin Road at AMRA Train Show

All Gauge Model Railroad Club ( Our 40th Year). The Brisbane Train Show 3rd and 4th of May 2014.
This year All Gauge entered 3 Layouts, T-Trak, Endeavour Rail and Bodmin Road.

What can I say, our Club had an outstanding Show.

Bodmin Road received widespread acclaim from members of the public and other Model Train Club members due to its realistic presentation . Full credit goes to Andrew Kreraup and the work he did on the layout before the Show, applying professional weathering techniques coupled with a full refit of the Layouts general presentation, this included more than 200 1/76 scale trees . Bodmin Road was the talk of the show , it looked so life like . It was even heard by several of our Club members that other Model Train Clubs have said that All Gauge has now set the standard of Show Layout presentation .
This was evidenced by the Layouts reception by the General Public along with the many verbal and written comments All Gauge has received . Bodmin Road was the most photographed layout of the show.

Both T-Trak and Endeavour Rail were also well received by the Public .

The Brisbane Train Show has been a shot in the arm for our Club , with development work now well underway for our new OO layout along with several approaches from Club Members for further refit work for T-Trak and a firm proposal for a new N Scale Show Layout .

But all this does not happen by itself , and heartfelt thinks go to those Club Members who came and assisted with the layouts setup on the Friday night, those members who came and manned the layouts for both Saturday and Sunday with their own rolling stock to keep the layouts operational and to those members who came in Sunday evening and again donated their time to disassemble the Layouts for their return to the Club House.

The general comment from our Members was this year’s Train Show for All Gauge was the best yet
Kind regards to all
Peter Ball

Lots more trains coming this year…

Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th July, 2014
At Carina Bowls Club
401 Stanley Road, Carina (not All Gauge’s Clubhouse)
Adults $5, Family $10, Children (under 12) and Pension Cards (only) $2
Non-members are invited to exhibit layouts
Phone Peter Ball 39010261 or Andrew Krarup 0417627958


T-TRAK RUNNING DAY at our clubhouse Sunday, 9th November
Non-member T-Trakers are invited to bring and operate their layouts
Phone Jeff Rosenberg on 0481482151 for information
Public welcome from 12 noon to 3pm. Admission by Gold Coin donation

PUBLIC WEEK-END at our clubhouse Sat 29th, Sun 30th November
Two storeys full of Model Trains, open to the public
Watch members running their trains (and Thomas!) 9am to 4pm
Adults $5, Family $10, Children (under 12) and Pension Cards (only) $2